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Pet of the Month – Ernie

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Meet Ernie. He is an adorable 3 year old domestic shorthair. Ernie was born with feline herpes and a deformity that left him with only one nostril and wide-set eyes. Ernie first came in to Parkway as an 8 week old, 1lb kitten looking for a home after a homeowner had discovered him wandering in her garage.

Coming full circle 3 years later, Ernie was brought in to Parkway by his new owners after loss of appetite and vomiting caused some concern. They suspected that Ernie had ingested the string from his mouse toy. An initial exam was performed after which Ernie was sent home to be monitored. The next morning he was still not eating, vomiting and acting very lethargic. Ernie came back in at which time x-rays were performed. The x-rays looked suspicious so an ultrasound was ordered. The ultrasound revealed a linear foreign body within Ernie’s intestines. Surgery was performed and approximately 20 inches of string was removed. After an overnight stay at the Tualatin Emergency Hospital, Ernie was sent home to his family and 2 feline pals that he shares a home with. For his bravery in all that he has been through, congratulations Ernie on being this month’s Pet of the Month.