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Pet of the Month – Dolce

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This beautiful lady is Dolce. Dolce is a pure bred Maine Coon who recently gave birth to a littler of six kittens. Shortly after she whelped the kittens, she started to vomit and was not acting like her usual self. A blood panel showed that her white blood cell count was elevated. A short course of antibiotics were prescribed and she seemed to improve. About a week later Dolce began to show similar symptoms. A repeat blood panel was performed which revealed that her white blood cell count was again elevated. It was suspected that she was suffering from either metritis (a mild uterine infection) or possibly developing a pyometra (a more severe uterine infection). An abdominal ultrasound was performed to rule out a pyometra. The results were consistent with a mild uterine infection. Dolce continued her antibiotic therapy and was soon back to her old self. Her kittens are now weaned and soon she will be spayed to help prevent any future uterine problems. Congratulations to Dolce, a wonderful momma and this month’s Pet of the Month!