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Pet of the Month: Charlie

Patient Corner, Pet of the month -


This handsome young dog is Charlie. Charlie recently presented as a semi-urgent case when his owner noticed he was acting very strange after a walk. He presented to Parkway very sedate, ataxic and was hyper-reflexive or acting “jumpy”. In house bloodwork was normal and it was suspected that Charlie ingested something toxic causing his neurologic signs. He soon started dribbling urine which is a common sign of marijuana toxicity. Charlie has a history of eating anything he comes in contact with and is was suspected he ate some sort of marijuana treat on his walk. Charlie was treated with supportive care (IV fluid therapy, activated charcoal, and blood pressure monitoring) and he make a full recovery.

Marijuana ingestion by dogs is not an uncommon occurrence with clinical signs ranging from mild ataxia and sedation to urine leaking, vomiting, severe depression and coma. With recent changes in Oregon law there may be more cases of marijuana ingestion by our furry friends. Luckily for Charlie, he was fine and is back to his old self.