Pet of the Month – Tres

Pet of the month -


Meet Tres. Tres is normally a very lively 6 and a half year old chocolate lab who recently presented to us for a skin infection, but had also been vomiting and not feeling well. A blood panel was performed and revealed that her blood sugar was a little low, but otherwise normal. Her condition worsened and additional testing soon revealed that Tres was suffering from Hypoadrenocorticism or Addison’s disease. Addison’s is a disease of the adrenal glands where the glands do not produce enough of the steroid cortisol. Tres was started on prednisone, a corticosteroid that is converted to cortisol in the body and has quickly begun to perk up and feel much better. Her skin has also begun to improve and soon she should be back to her old self. Congratulations Tres on being July’s Pet of the Month!

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