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Pet of the Month – Shasta

Pet of the month -


Say hello to Shasta.

In December 2009 Shasta was diagnosed with a serious and potentially fatal blood disorder known as Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. To treat her condition, Shasta required immune suppressive medications to halt the immune cell destruction of her own red blood cells. Frequent visits to Parkway were necessary to monitor her response to treatment and to ensure she was remaining stable.

In spite of her quick initial response and control, Shasta had a relapse in June 2010. This time her anemia was so severe she required a blood transfusion to save her life! Her medications were adjusted and with much effort, patience and time, her red blood cell counts are back to normal. Shasta will likely require life long therapy to prevent future relapse. In spite of her many treatments and hospitalizations, she still loves visiting her friends at Parkway and has been a trooper through her entire ordeal. Shasta’s strong will and great attitude have helped her survive two serious bouts of this disease and is this month’s Pet of the Month.