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Pet of the Month – Reginald

Patient Corner, Pet of the month -

This is Reginald, also known as “Reggie” to his friends. Reggie came to us with a history of weight loss and decreased appetite. A blood panel was done which revealed an elevation in his liver values. An abdominal ultrasound was then ordered and confirmed a condition known as hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver syndrome. Hepatic lipidosis is a condition unique to cats. Fat or lipids, infiltrate the liver in cats who are not eating well. Treatment for this condition involves eating to replace proteins needed to help transport fat out of the liver. Unfortunately cats with fatty liver syndrome rarely feel good enough to eat on their own. In Reggie’s case a feeding tube was placed. This allowed his owner to give several small meals throughout the day. Within about 10 days Reggie had started to eat on his own, however the feeding tube was kept in place to help supplement his nutrition. After 4 weeks the feeding tube was finally removed and Reggie is now back to his old weight and happy self. Congratulations Reggie on being this Month’s Pet of the Month.