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Pet of the Month – Polo

Patient Corner, Pet of the month -

Parkway Vet - Lake Oswego - POTM - Cat

This handsome cat is Polo. Polo recently presented to us for a painful growth on his hip. X-rays showed a lytic or “moth eaten” lesion on his femur, or thigh bone, near his pelvis. A biopsy of the lesion was consistent with osteosarcoma or bone cancer. Polo had a CT scan to rule out any evidence of metastasis which was negative. He then was ultrasounded by Dr. Wood, the cardiologist at ACG, to make sure his heart was okay for surgery (he has a mild heart murmur). Dr. Wood gave the okay so Polo’s hind leg and a portion of his pelvis was removed surgically by Dr. Van Gundy, the surgeon at ACG. Polo is our first Pet of the Month to start with Parkway, go to Cardiology Northwest and then have surgery at Animal Care Surgical Specialists. Way to go Polo!