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Pet of the Month – Nik

Pet of the month -

Meet Nik Colver, a 15 year old Russian Blue cat that has been a patient of ours since 1998. In 2007 Nik was diagnosed with diabetes and was put on insulin therapy to treat it. About one year later his diabetes went into remission. Diabetic remission is unique to felines. Remission can be anywhere from a few months to even several years. Unfortunately, Nik’s diabetes came back in 2009 and a year later he developed pancreatitis, which can often be associated with diabetes in cats He is being treated for both his diabetes and pancreatitis and is doing well. Nik has also started laser therapy to help treat his arthritic spine and already can feel the benefits from it! He is an example of an older cat who has overcome serious metabolic and hormonal disturbances with appropriate medical care and diet. Congratulations Nik on being this month’s Pet of the Month.