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Pet of the Month – Moses

Pet of the month -

This x-ray belongs to a patient of ours named Moses. Moses recently ingested some iPod headphones and had been vomiting. An x-ray of his abdomen revealed not only metallic objects (headphones), but additional foreign material as well. Endoscopy was performed and it was quickly determined that the headphones were not the only thing in his stomach that should not have been there. He had also swallowed his owner’s undergarment, which were causing the obstruction! Once these objects were removed he made a full recovery and was back to his normal self.

The interesting part about this case was not what Moses had ingested, but rather the x-ray itself. We have recently updated our x-ray machine to a digital format. This allows our technicians to take better x-rays and will prevent t

hem from having to take additional x-rays if the radiographs are under or overexposed. Digital x-ray also allows for a radiologist consult in a few hours resulting in better patient care. Congratulations Moses, for being this month’s Pet of the Month and our first digital x-ray patient.