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Pet of the Month – Missy & Cael

Pet of the month -

Meet Missy (left) and Cael (right).

Missy is a 4 year old, small, mixed breed dog who was adopted from a rescue organization in Colorado. Cael is a 4 ½ year old Labrador Retriever who was recently adopted from the Oregon Humane Society after being transferred from an animal shelter in Medford.

Both Missy and Cael recently tested positive for heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is a parasitic disease of the heart that is spread from dog to dog via mosquitoes. It is very rare in the Portland area due to our moderate weather and low number of mosquitoes, but dogs who travel to other areas of the United States are at risk for contracting the disease.

It is easily prevented with a once a month heartworm preventative medication which also treats and controls several intestinal parasites. Luckily for Missy and Cael, they are in Stage 1 of heartworm disease which means they have no other signs of the disease other than a positive test. However, if left untreated the disease could damage the heart and lungs and eventually lead to heart failure and death. Missy and Cael are currently undergoing treatment and we wish them the best of luck. Congratulations on being this month’s Pets of the Month
Stitch is a 7 ½ year old Devon Rex cat who presented earlier this year for vomiting. He had been eating normally and was playful but acting a little cranky toward his siblings. Upon physical examination, a mass in the front part of his abdomen was found. Abdominal x-rays revealed a bunched, linear foreign body in the stomach. A gastrotomy, or stomach surgery, was performed and a large amount of nylon cord was removed from Stitch’s stomach. There were also multiple rubber bands and the plastic seal from a milk jug as well! He recovered uneventfully and is now our first feline Pet of the Month. Good job Stitch!