Pet of the Month – Luke

Patient Corner, Pet of the month -

This handsome boys name is Luke. He is an 11 year old, Maine Coone whom had not been feeling well and recently presented for vomiting. Upon examination it was discovered that Luke had extensive inflammation in his mouth, a symptom consistent with stomatitis. Stomatitis is an immune mediated condition causing painful inflammation of the gum tissue. A dental cleaning and biopsy of his gum tissue confirmed the diagnosis. Unfortunately, Luke was still having problems a few weeks following his dental cleaning. A recheck oral examination under anesthesia appeared everything to be normal, however an endoscopy of his esophagus revealed a stricture, or narrowing in the upper part of the esophagus. The stricture was dilated with a “bougie,” a balloon like tube that is slowly filled with water to open up the stricture. Esophageal strictures are rare in cats and it is unknown exactly why Luke’s developed. Since the procedure, Luke has begun to improve and is on the road to recovery. Congratulations Luke on being this month’s Pet of the Month.

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