Pet of the Month – Jazz

Pet of the month -

Meet Jazz. She is an amazing 25 and a 1/2 year old domestic shorthair kitty! Jazz has a corneal condition and is blind. She also suffers from osteoarthritis that causes her pain, stiffness, and weakness in her hips and back. She was having a hard time getting around at home and could not enjoy being petted over her back due to the discomfort it would cause her. Jazz’s dedicated owners travel for almost an hour to bring her to Parkway for acupuncture every two weeks. She has been coming for over a year now. Acupuncture has helped to provide her with some pain relief, which has lead to an increase in energy and mobility. Her owners are able to pet her now and are amazed at how well she continues to do! Congratulations Jazz on being our newest, and oldest, Pet of the Month!

We’ve missed you! Our lobby is open – please continue to text us when you arrive. See you soon.