Pet of the Month: Frank

Pet of the month -

This handsome boy is Frank. Frank is a 5 year old, Bernese Mountain Dog. He initially presented to Parkway for evaluation of a small growth on the right side of his abdomen near his rib cage. A fine needle biopsy of the growth showed an inflammatory reaction. Over the course of several months the growth continued to increase in size and formed a draining tract consistent with a foreign body reaction. Upon further review of Frank’s medical records, it was determined that Frank had undergone a “stomach tacking” procedure when he was younger. This procedure included the placement of some large, non-absorbable suture in the area where his growth was located. An exploratory surgery confirmed that these sutures were in fact the cause of the inflammation and the sutures were removed. The growth has now resolved and Frank is back to his normal happy self. Congratulations Frank on being this month’s Pet of the Month.

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