COVID Updates: We are limiting the number of people entering the hospital. All visitors must be escorted into the building by a staff member. Please text us upon arrival. Our exam rooms are limited to 2 pet owners at a time and we are utilizing curbside care for many services. We ask for your patience as we strive to keep you, your pets and our staff safe and healthy.

Pet of the Month – Dutchess

Pet of the month -

Meet Dutchess. Dutchess is an eight year old Standard Poodle who recently came in for an annual exam. Dutchess seemed well, but her owners had noticed her slowing down more in the last few months. Upon physical exam an enlarged lymph node was found in the area by her right shoulder. An aspirate of the lymph node revealed a kind of inflammation sometimes seen with a type of fungal infection not found in the Pacific Northwest. Further questioning revealed that Dutchess previously lived in Arizona where this particular fungal disease is quite common. Dutchess tested positive for Coccidioidomycosis, a fungal disease also known as Valley Fever. Dutches was started on an anti-fungal medication and is on her road to recovery. Congratulations Dutchess on being this month’s Pet of the Month.