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Pet of the Month – Cooper

Pet of the month -

This is Cooper. She is a four year old boxer that recently presented to us with loss of appetite and increased thirst and urination. A physical exam was performed and Cooper was found to have a fever of 104 degrees along with numerous swollen lymph nodes. Diagnostic lab work was run, including a blood panel, urinalysis, fecal screen, and a fine needle aspirate of Cooper’s enlarged lymph nodes. Her blood work and fecal screen were normal, but the urinalysis results showed a urinary tract infection (the cause of the increased drinking and urination). The cytology of Cooper’s lymph node was consistent with an infection called Neorickettsial helmintheca, better known as Salmon Poisoning. Salmon poisoning is a disease found only in the Pacific Northwest. A pet may become infected after ingesting raw salmondae fish that are themselves infected with the fluke, Nanophyetus Salmincola. Salmon poisoning is normally diagnosed on a fecal screen, but Cooper’s was negative. Cooper responded well to treatment with antibiotics and IV fluid therapy and is back to her normal happy self! Congratulations Cooper on being our first Pet of the Month of 2012.