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My Idea of Petopia is…

Patient Corner -


All of us at Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego want to congratulate little Sarah Kwartler on her award winning paper on her idea of petopia. Here is what Sarah wrote…

“Petopia sounds like a lovely place filled with dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets. A place where dogs chase robotic cats and cats chase robotic mice, so no animals are harmed in the making of this movi – – place. I could tell you about Sir Thomas Moore’s version of a Petopia sequel to his “Utopia.” But that’s unnecessary because my dog, Champ, already knows how to make a Petopia. Unlike Moore’s “Utopia,” this paradise is achievable.

Champ’s Guide to Creating a Petopia

1. Start the day off cheerful. Humans usually don’t want to wake up early, so begin by giving them a special good morning. Licking the human’s face could lead to a good morning hug or a shove off the bed, so i suggest nudging the human’s arm with your nose. (Remember, tail wagging is essential because waking up isn’t as bad when you smile.)

2. Foot warming symbiosis. If your human is sitting down, nestle against his or her feet. This reminds your human to pet you at the regular intervals and you will keep each other warm.

3. Exercise! Exercising your human improves everyone’s health, so don’t let your human forget the importance of a little fresh air. Dropping your leash near them is the perfect reminder.

4. Play time. If your human has been sitting for a while, bring them your toy. 99.99% of the time your human will break to play with you. 0.1% of the time the human will refer to point 2.

5. Unlimited restroom breaks. Give your human a warning that you need to go outside by sitting in front of the door or walking between your human and the door. Not only is this polite, but your patience will likely earn you cuddles.

6. Feeding time. Remember to remain calm. Your humans aren’t going to take away your food, so don’t growl. Plus, if your human is in the 0.1% that i mentioned in my fourth point, he or she may put food in a toy for playtime!

7. I wish you good luck in making your own petopia!