Green Commitment

The Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego is committed to promoting healthy practices for our clients, patients, community, and the planet. We’re a recognized sustainability leader with an official Green Team to develop and manage sustainability efforts across our organization.

The ACGLO Green Team follows the Clackamas County Leaders in Sustainability standards and is committed to the principles of a Triple Bottom Line: economic, ecological, and social sustainability. Our sustainability practices are comprehensive and include the following:

  • Recycling and Composting
  • Reduction of Material Consumption
  • Reuse of Materials
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention
  • Energy Conservation
  • Transportation
  • Employee & Community Engagement
  • Retail Purchasing and Packaging

As a client, you will most likely notice these practices in our efforts to provide paperless billing, e-mailed records and receipts. In the community, we act as mentors to other businesses who wish to become sustainability leaders, and we donate unused and unsellable supplies to local organizations who can benefit from them.

We also offer incentives to employees to use public transportation and encourage our clients to use it as well. Click here to access the Tri-Met Trip Planner.

In addition, ACGLO supports sustainability principles by giving preference to ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable products, services, and practices when and where such options do not conflict with our professional standards or diminish our quality of care for clients and patients.

Click here for complete details about our sustainability program.